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IMF EFF and Marronomics boost

With the forthcoming IMF Extended Fund Facility (EFF) and the economic restructuring program in the Republic of Suriname, the development of #marronomics can receive a positive boost. The native people and maroon population can definitely contribute to economic recovery on the long term.

Marronomics in West Klaaskreek District Brokopondo

Pushing economic development with marronomics is what is going on in West Klaaskreek in the district of Brokopondo. Focussing on agriculture, industry and maintenance will take West Klaaskreek to the next step.

From seed to meat: Totally Integrated Poultry Approach with Patio system

The concept of Totally Integrated Poultry Project (TIPP) is an innovative approach in modern broiler production. Implementing TIPP means: increasing animal welfare, decrease of eggs and/or day-old chicks transport movements and facilitating on-farm hatching. in-depth knowledge of the poultry supply chain is the important aspect of TIPP. NEIP and many other stakeholders acknowledge TIPP as game-changer.

Ashanti Region will be coming Economic hotspot

The National Entrepreneurship And Innovation Program (NEIP) is an initiative of the government of Ghana under the Business Development Ministry. One of the outstanding CEOs appointed by His Excellency, Nana Akufo Addo  president of Ghana is Lawyer John Kumah. In the light of the future realization of a poultry processing plant in Kumasi on a 20 acres project site we take a look at this future industrial enclave.

Produceren voor een niche markt

De rijkdom aan medicinale planten in Suriname en de overtuiging met kwaliteitsproducten en diensten een goed lopend bedrijf te kunnen opzetten is een reële kans voor niche ondernemers. Ondernemen in een nichemarkt in combinatie met een grote afzetmarkt- in binnen- en buitenland- kan zeker ook lucratief zijn.

Produced en processed in Ghana

Ghana is hard op weg een prominente rol te spelen op het Afrikaanse continent. De meerdaagse conferentie te Accra in het derde kwartaal van 2019 voor de implementatie van de African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) ligt vers in het geheugen.