From seed to meat: Totally Integrated Poultry  approach with Patio system

The National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program (NEIP), SAMDEB Co Ltd both based in Ghana, and Vencomatic Group and HUMAIN b.v. based in the Netherlands are jointly working on introducing an innovative poultry approach that will change the way poultry is being produced in Ghana. Ghana needs a game-changer in the Agro poultry sector that will enable broiler production throughout the whole year. The introduction of the Vencomatic Patio System has been discussed with- and presented to- various stakeholders during the recent February-March Ghana working visit.

The concept of Totally Integrated Poultry Project (TIPP) is an innovative approach. It’s aim is to increase animal welfare, decrease eggs and/or day old chicks transport movements and facilitate on-farm hatching.  All this can be achieved with in-depth poultry knowledge in all aspects of the poultry supply chain. The NEIP and other stakeholders acknowledge TIPP and the way is being paved for implementation. Once the way poultry is being produced is changed, Ghana will save hundreds of millions of foreign currencies which currently are being spent on the import of frozen chicken from all over the world. The Ghanaian economy will also gain employment creation and becoming a poultry export country on the continent. In fact, by embracing TIPP Ghana will contribute to the implementation of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement that has become effective January 1st, 2021.

During the working visit various trips have been brought to knowledge institutions like KNUST, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, young professionals engaged in the poultry industry, poultry start-ups, private sector companies, and government institutions. Through the government institutions like Parliament House and NEIP necessary steps for the next TIPP level will be set in motion in the period ahead.

The village of Donyina in the Ashanti Region Ejisu constituency is a good example of movement in poultry production and creating employment for the Ejisu people.  The creation of “Ejisu Club 100”- a project which seeks to create 100 entrepreneurs in the Ejisu constituency- is currently being implemented. Implementation of TIPP in Donyina is part of the “Ejisu Club 100” aspiration and will be achieved in the coming period. As land for poultry production has been handed over by the Chief, an important step towards establishing a Donyina flagship Patio project realization has been taken.

More regions with Patio system are yet to come after having successfully performed in the village of Donyina. The adoption of TIPP and patio is the game-changer that will take Ghana and the African continent to the next level of modern and innovative poultry industry involving the entire supply chain.