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Explaining the name

The name is a wink to “mankind” -Human- and the intrinsic belief of the historical value of INnovation (HumaIN). Innovation is the creativity of people who have big dreams, dare to rise above ground level, roll up their sleeves, look beyond borders, and persevere.

HUMAIN also expresses the conscious choice for the business elements MAnagement and INnovation. Innovation offers opportunities for added value to a company and improving earning capacity for all stakeholders. HUMAIN is challenged by the environment in which the company is located and sees growth opportunities.

Humains’ commitment

Humain has a keen eye for identifying and stretching the potential of both emerging and existing businesses. From “start from scratch” business or concept development, Humain has an ever-scalable approach for realizing business development, investment, and supervisory.

The approach helps achieve the ultimate vision of the client/company through different steps:   start-up ventures, divisions, restructuring of organizations. Humain loves cross-border consulting and actively operate in countries in Europe, South-America, and Africa.

By becoming a strategic partner, Humain invests in understanding, assessing, and implementing cutting-edge technologies to move business development and stretch clients’ potential. Strategic partnerships with clients can start from the project/assignment inception stage through project implementation.

Humain is strongly disciplined in project management at all levels: organizational, executive, individual, and is PRINCE2 certified. In this regard we help businesses to mitigate their risks Ultimately Humain creates value for owners, employees, and investors via business development, investment, management organization, and supervisory.